The ‘Catch Up’

This month’s swimming tip: The ‘Catch Up’

All good swimmers use the catch up technique which delivers a more efficient, gliding stroke. Probably a better description would be “delayed pull” because catch up suggests rushing the stroke, which is bad.

The swimmer delays the “pull” phase of the stroke till the other hand enters the water in front, so momentarily there are two hands forward of the head.

Why is this faster, smoother, while using less energy? Because by delaying the pull there is optimum combination of arm pull and body rotation, in other words you are using your body weight behind your pull, like in every other sport. Imagine tennis without body rotation!

John still uses the old ‘catch up’ drill which he calls “thumb touch”, taking one stroke at a time and touching thumbs in front. “I’ve tried other variations of this drill” says John “but when you see Libby and Keiren using it, it’s good enough for my customers!”

Comprehensive detail of this technique is on John’s Swim Easy DVD.