Noosa Blue Water Swim

This is one of the most beautiful ocean swims in the world and recently the hot shot swimmers felt inferior alongside a pod of porpoises!

I have been doing this swim for 6 years now and as announced in my January newsletter I have moved here (see below). Registration is through

Noosa Swim Easy Clinics. Special Offer!
My Clinics are on Friday 21st May and at a special price of $100 per person for the full package, reduced to $80 if you have my DVD. Because you are competent swimmers, the time has been reduced to 3 hours allowing a lower fee, but we’ll still have a coffee break poolside at Noosa Blue Resort! We’ll have a muffin with a candle because it’s my 68th birthday! The Clinics are 2-5pm and depending on demand I’ll do one 9-12 noon. To book email me at . Easy payment by cheque or cash on the day.

Noosa Blue Accommodation Special
Noosa Blue Resort is just 5 mins. walk from the main beach with 4 ½ stars. Visit have negotiated packages starting from around $100 per person per night twin share, for my swimming friends and website customers. Book direct with Noosa Blue, mention my name to get the discount or email me.

About freestyle technique
I’m a right hand breather for the last 50 years or so, and I can breathe on my left but it still feels awkward. My legendary sister Ilsa, breathed on the left and we’re both right handed. No worries because Grant swam his last 1500 constantly breathing on the right. The most common weakness for swimmers is pulling too soon on the hand opposite to the breathing side. This is because your subconscious brain signals ‘get me a good breath because I’m tired’ so you leverage down on your opposite hand to lift your head for a secure breath. This leads to two mistakes; first you are lifting the wrong part because your mouth is at the bottom of your head not the top which you’re lifting! Secondly you pull too early on your opposite hand and loose the power from your body rotation. So rotate more, look up at the sky and get your ‘mouthpiece’ up, both goggles above the surface but don’t lift!

To avoid pulling too soon, reach far forward after your hand enters [but don’t ‘aquaplane’]. Think of stretching forward until you feel your lats stretch all the way down to your waist. Apart from correcting the early pull there are other benefits. You’ll rotate more, leading to a more powerful pull, have more time to breathe and lower your stroke count. Thorpie and Grant broke their first world records with stroke counts of 34-35 per 50m. Grant’s last WR was at 31 and Ian’s last was at 29! It’s not strength, it is great technique, applicable to ladies and kids as well.

Happy Swimming,