Swim Easy – Principle number 1 – Body position

The John Konrads Swim Easy System is based on applying the fundamentals of freestyle technique. I call them ‘The Seven Basic Principles’. Once these are correctly adopted, most stroke details fall into place. The rest are easy to correct by an instructor or even yourself.

This is all covered in my new DVD contained in a 96 page color booklet which was produced in association with the Australian Swim Coaches and Teachers Association, our peak body.

Principle number 1 – Body position

Principle number 1 deals with the position of your body in the water and provides a basis without which you can’t achieve good technique.

Importantly, we swim at flotation depth so that the water does the work of holding you up. Sounds simple but our subconscious drives want us to aquaplane upwards.

These are involuntary and originate from;

  • Anxiety. Everybody has even a little bit of anxiety because humans aren’t built for an aquatic environment.
  • Cold water. “It’s warm up there, it’s cold down here!”
  • Speedboats aquaplane to go faster. Yeah, but you’re not built like a speedboat!

You may think our Olympic swimming champions ride high in the water… wrong! The reason you can see their backs is due to their big bow wave.  They are right at flotation depth except some sprinters who aquaplane slightly due to body shape.

You may think to yourself “I don’t float very well”. If that is truly the case then you have to rotate, or roll more to get a good breath. (this is covered in more detail in principle number 2, stay tuned…)

So the energy you save can be applied to swimming faster or indeed swim further (covered in principle number 7).

Future Newsletters will provide information on each of Principles, so watch this space, or follow me on facebook for all the latest swimming tips

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