SWIM EASY DVD & BOOK – Learn to Swim like a Champ!

John Konrads’ new Swim Easy DVD comes with a 96 page A5 size colour booklet. A must for those adults wanting to learn how to swim with great technique, it’s also suitable for teenagers and kids.

This DVD was produced in association with the Australian Swim Coaches and Teachers Association [ASCTA]. It’s a detailed learn to swim tool for competent swimmers as well as beginners and it focuses on John’s 7 Basic Principles of Freestyle, common to all champion swimmers. Once you get these right, the details fall into place easily.

“Swim Easy” means learning how to swim efficiently with greater speed and distance.

Learn to swim like a champ!
Find out more about John’s product. To purchase at the special 20% discount online click on SALE OFFER under “Pages” top left.>

Please note: This DVD is not ideal for parents/teachers looking to book children in to learn how to swim for kids; alternatively, please see information about swim clinics via the left hand menu.

JK DVD image

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