Guest speaking


John’s experience, success and skills as a communicator across the business and sporting spectrums allow him to bring unique insights into enhancing the performance of individuals and teams.

The themes of his speeches draw fascinating parallels between the principles of success in sport and the corporate world, and he provides perspective with meaningful and relevant anecdotes.

John has a sincere, relaxed style of presentation. He is very open and frank which wins the audience because his experiences are personal and believable!

Motivation comes from his ability to personally address the individual in the audience, rather than revving up the crowd. People receive his messages deep inside. He uses many sporting and real life anecdotes to enforce his points.

Key presentations

John’s speeches are adapted to the audience with modules that can be tailored to the organisations needs.

1. Winning Gold in Sport, Career and Life

The principles of success and happiness are of course common to all three but the way John presents this is unique and inspirational. Many motivational presentations fall into the category of “easy to say, hard to do” or aim to entertain. John digs deeper.

Why can Ian Thorpe sincerely say he’s never lost a race with a silver medal around his neck? John speaks about his ‘Competitive Disease’ because it’s catching, and cost him a gold medal at the Olympics as well as a speeding fine last year. If our super-champions need weekly stroke correction, why not company executives? It’s all about mentoring and John makes people think.
2. Do I have to be Bipolar to be creative?

No, but it might help.

John uses his own life experience to illustrate this growing disorder and how it can be overcome, leading to a contented life. The message is positive without ignoring the scope of the problems.

He relates his two milestones; diagnosis leading to relief, “you mean it’s not my fault?” and “What? Medication for life? I don’t even use asprin..”

Undetected depression in the workplace is a huge cost to companies. It transcends all levels. As a CEO, John was able to camouflage his disorder.

“After staring at a piece of paper for an hour, I suddenly told my secretary that I had an unexpected outside meeting and I’d go for a drive for hours” says John. One in five people will have clinical depression [i.e. not cause-related] in their lifetime. The good news is that most of it can be fixed.


John tailors his speeches to the objectives of the event, ensuring reinforcement of messages and different perspectives on themes.

  • Personal best. Easy to say, hard to do
  • Competitive. Eyes on the competitor or the ball?
  • Teamwork. A gold medallist is really part of a team
  • Coaching. Do executives need a coach?
  • Motivation. Where do champions get their energy from?
  • Work-Life Balance. How the winners do it.
  • The Olympic Games. What is the future direction?


John has presented for Companies such as AMP, Pacific Dunlop, Westpac, Southcorp, TAB and organisations including TAFE and the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Manila.

As an indication of his stature in the Olympic family, John was the bilingual Master of Ceremonies for the 111th session of the International Olympic Committee during the Sydney Olympics.

References are available on request




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  1. I have the swim easy VHS. Best freestyle teaching video ever.
    How much is the book; learn to swim with style?

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