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Improve your freestyle dramatically in a half day or your money back!

The success of John’s clinics is due to his talent as a mentor and communicator. It’s all about usable information. For example he explains why ‘Thorpedo’s’ kick is not his greatest asset and that the two fastest women in the world have size 7 feet!

Swim Easy introduction

  • Essentially, John gives you a ‘toolbox’ for practice at your own time and your own competency
  • Swim Easy because the right way is the easy way.
  • Good technique is the key to discovering the joy of swimming.
  • A Swim Easy clinic guarantees you will swim with style and ease, or your money back.

The only qualification to join in is that you are comfortable in the water. Of course you have to practice what you learn, but it is championship freestyle as practiced by today’s leading swimmers.

The clinics are seminar style, without stress, and with video presentation and playback.

Less than half the time is in the water and we even have a coffee break. Importantly, you learn not only “how” but “why” as John leads you through his 7 principles of freestyle.

The package includes John’s DVD and notes, ticking off your personal priorities.

A standard clinic lasts 4 hours and is limited to 8 people. Group bookings for more or fewer swimmers can be arranged.

We also have fun! Come with a friend or spouse.

Why a freestyle clinic?

Swimming is a technical sport, more like skiing than running or cycling.

Humans aren’t built for swimming, that why we experience anxiety if we can’t swim or face turbulent conditions. This anxiety leads to stress, tension and inefficient movement through the water. John’s 7 principles will teach you to relax and swim efficiently in a streamlined way.

We swim very slowly and swimmers are video taped. Playback is analysed and participants note their technical priorities on the comprehensive checklist supplied.

Is this for me?

It’s simple, if you fear the water your progress will be hampered by your anxiety. That doesn’t mean you have to be a good swimmer to participate.

As long as you:

  • put your head under water
  • have your ears full of water
  • blow bubbles
  • can swim 50 to100 meters, any stroke; or
  • have done some snorkelling

…a Swim Easy clinic is for you.

Clinics are designed for adults but teenagers with a good attention span during lectures are welcome.

Even some of the best swimmers aren’t totally relaxed in the water. A Swim Easy clinic will teach you to be much more relaxed when swimming. This leads to greater efficiency and eliminates fatigue caused by tension and wasted energy.

The knowledge you gain is applicable to experienced swimmers as well as strugglers. Better swimmers simply go further doing the same exercises and drills.

Typically, a clinic can include middle-aged ladies, business men, superfit triathletes who are poor swimmers, and generally people who have never learnt to swim properly as kids.

John is based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Clubs and Groups
Clinics can be tailored to suit Masters Swim Clubs and other clubs or groups of any kind e.g. Corporate Social Clubs. Video recording and playback analysis is a major feature, and is the biggest variable in the time span required. Venues need to have the above facilities.

John can conduct clinics anywhere in Australia or internationally. Contact John for arrangements and fees by email at: john_konrads@bigpond.com


One Response

  1. Hi John,

    I would like to learn to swim! I would like to be comfortable being underwater – the pool and the ocean! I want to one day snorkle.
    So I am hoping that you may be able to teach me (it’s on my list of 50 things to do before I turn 50!).
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kindest regards, Leanne.

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